Welcome to the first private and public weather station in Surwold in the Emsland.

The weather station is a nexus of the firm TFA┬« and early February 2011 was built. Since that time, around-the-clock weather data recorded by D-26903 Surwold-B├Ârgermoor.

Surwold is located near the Dutch border in north-western Emsland  53o 0' 18" North - 7o 30' 45" East.

In addition, a weather webcam with weather summary and forecast has been established, with live images every 5 minutes -all-weather data 10 minutes- last updated.

In the end was not yet set up this site for any information about the weather in Surwold public.

Have fun on this page to all interested weather.

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Written at: 06. February 2011 by admin



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